The Christ Hospital

The Women in Medicine of The Christ Hospital

As part of the annual Christ Hospital “The Women in Medicine” event Dr. Montiel Rosenthal and multiple current and past residents hosted teen girls from DePaul Christo Rey High School and Mt. Notre Dame High School. As part of the event they were introduced to family medicine and heard stories about being a woman in medicine.

Meet Us in Kansas City Again

Reposted from July 2016- but with edits

If you are attending the AAFP Resident and Medical Student Conference this year make sure to come swing by and say hello. We will be there from Aug 2-4 to answer questions and talk about our program. Look for our matching red shirts and booth 1410. 

From personal experience we know it can be overwhelming to come to these events. Here are a few do's and don'ts that we have learned along the way:



Do: Come Talk to Us!

Part of the reason to come to these conferences is to network and figure out the "personality" of various residency programs.

Don't: Worry About Having a Ton of Questions

We would much rather have a conversation about who you are and what you are interested in than list the bed size of our hospital (unless of course you are interested in that- in which case 555 beds).

Do: Start to Hone Your Interview Skills

While this is a lot less formal than an interview it is a good opportunity to practice for the big day... especially if you are nervous about it.

Don't: Forget to Think About What you Want

You truly are in the driver's seat in this process (even if it doesn't feel that way). Keep a list of things you want- (global health? women's health? Trader Joes?... we have all three) - and start asking about it. 

Do: Keep in Touch

We encourage you to stay in contact with us. It's important because it shows us that you are interested and also lets us answer any questions you may have. 

Welcome to July

But now it's July and time for work (whatever happened to summer vacation?). We are excited that our 7 brand new residents are off to a wonderful start! They've been in Cincinnati for a few weeks getting to know the city, the hospital and each other.

The last few weeks of June are a busy time in any residency and our program in no exception. From graduation for the 3rd year residents to welcoming the brand new interns, there is always something to do. 

July also means the start of 4th-year medical students looking at residency programs and making decisions about career paths. If you are looking for a full-spectrum family medicine residency with a focus on urban underserved and global health, take a look at us! Located in Cincinnati, Ohio at The Christ Hospital and affiliated with the University of Cincinnati, our training program gives you a unique opportunity to experience the diversity and breadth of family medicine.