The Basics

We have six family medicine positions and two family medicine-psychiatry positions each year to make an intern class of eight!

All applications must be submitted through the Electronic Residency Application Services (ERAS). We require your application, personal statement, dean's letter, transcripts, USMLE scores, and three letters of recommendation. A holistic review of all applications is completed and invitations to interview are sent in October.

We interview from October through December on Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays. For those who are interested in interviewing on Monday, we offer a casual dinner the Sunday evening before with other candidates and current residents. For those interviewing on Thursday or Friday, this dinner is offered on Thursday evening. We are happy to provide one night's lodging.

Once your application is accepted, you will receive an invitation from Stephanie Smith, program administrator.  This invitation will include a link to interview broker which is where you will set up your interview date.

All applications are processed electronically through ERAS (Electronic Residency Application Service); we do not accept paper applications. All candidates are selected through the National Residency Matching Program (NRMP).

Final decisions regarding the ranking of a candidate in the NRMP are made by a committee composed of those physicians who participate in the interview process.


The criteria we use to determine which applicants to consider are:

  • The candidate must have demonstrated a commitment to service or underserved populations

  • The candidate must have had direct ("hands on") clinical experience for at least one year in a hospital in the United States, United Kingdom or Canada. The Christ Hospital will approve J1 visas.

  • Proficiency in written and spoken English is essential.

  • USMLE (Parts 1 and 2-CK) scores are an important evaluation tool. While we do not have minimum requirements, preference is given to applicants with first pass attempts; the higher your board scores the better to remain competitive with other candidates. We cannot evaluate an applicant until we have received these scores. We do not require you to have taken USMLE 2-CS by the time you submit your application, but a passing score will have to be available by the end of January of the rank year for consideration in our ranking.

Please note that this information is provided as a guideline for you to determine how much your background matches what we are looking for in a resident as well as how likely our program is to meet your needs. We are unable to tell you how likely it is that you will be invited for an interview or your chances of being selected for NRMP ranking. That is dependent on reviewing your ERAS application and comparing you with other applicants.

The Christ Hospital is a nicotine-free employer. Both Family Medicine and Family Medicine/Psychiatry residents are governed by this hiring criteria.