Becoming a resident means you get compensated and benefits as you continue to learn! Make sure you look at things like education allowance (those board exams, licenses and Step 3 get expensive), moving funds (to help get there), and number of vacation days!

For Family Medicine Categorical Residents

for the 2018-2019 year

First Year Resident: $53,865
Second Year Resident: $58,026
Third Year Resident: $59,767
Fourth Year Resident: $61,559
Fifth Year Resident: $63,407
Transitional Bonus: $2,500 (for incoming first year Family Medicine residents)

Food Allowance: $1500 per year
Technology Reimbursement provided to incoming residents

Medical Insurance: for the housestaff member. Family coverage available
Life Insurance: paid at a rate of two times annual base salary with the option to purchase supplemental insurance (dependent life, accidental death & dismemberment, LT disability, personal CA protection, critical illness insurance, personal accident, LT care plan).
Dental Insurance: coverage available at a premium for the individual or for family. Can have Dental Care plus which includes vision services.
Professional Liability Insurance: provided to the resident for activities within the scope of the assigned program, occurrence type.
Retirement: each resident participates in Social Security. A resident may voluntarily contribute pre-tax dollars to a 403(b).
Paid Time Off: 25 days.
Specialty Board and Licensure Examination Leave: time is permitted for first-time sitting for ABMS or USMLE licensing exams with proper notice to program. Provides that resident is not on call the evening before his/her exam.
Maternity Leave:  complies with provisions of the Family Medical Leave Act.
Educational Stipend: $500 is provided to R-1’s; $1,000 is provided to R2’s and $2,000 to R 3’s. This may be used to purchase subscriptions to journals or other medical periodicals, medical texts, or medical software. It may be used for attendance at approved CME conferences.
Tuition Reimbursement: 100% reimbursement to $3,000 per calendar year for eligible course work associated with degree programs. Minimum “C” grade must be maintained for reimbursement; considered taxable income. 
Lab Coats: 2 white coats and 1 fleece are provided during PGY 1; 2 new coats of choice in PGY 2 and 3  (Fleece or White) .
Free Parking: free parking is available in a covered garage.