Our intern year allows residents to start experiencing the diverse field of family medicine from day one. While you may go to several different hospital systems the Family Medicine Center at Christ Hospital remains your home and the sight of your continuity clinic for 3 years. Get ready to pick up your own patients and be their doctor. 


*Introduction to Family Medicine 1 month- Occurs early in the year- get a chance to see patients in the outpatient setting, rotate on our maternity service and learn about some of the social services available in Cincinnati.

*Outpatient Peds Clinics 1 month- an important experience to learn about preventative care for children and the "sick/not-sick" of acute visits. Don't worry, you will learn how to look in the ears of a febrile 3 year old.

Adult Inpatient Medicine 2 months- A high energy and important learning opportunity on our family medicine run inpatient service. You will also spend 1 week per month on nights to gear up for 2nd year. 

Pediatric Inpatient-Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Med Center (CCHMC) 1 month- spend time working side-by-side with pediatric residents at the number 3 children's hospital in the country. 

October Month (Global Health, Behavioral Medicine, Procedures)1 month- a yearly favorite! You come back together with your intern class for time away from clinical service. Work on your procedure skills (the highlight is probably Dr. Rosenthal's famous surgical repair model which uses a diaper, ballon and glove- you have to see to believe) and discover more resources to share with your patients. 

Newborn 1 month- one month of taking care of infants. You will learn to help babies breathe, feel for the elusive hip "clicks," and figure out the answers to the most common question new parents will ask you. 


*Global and Underserved Health with R1 Selective 1 month- This multi-disciplinary experience allows residents to provide medical care in resource limited environments, both globally and in Cincinnati. Spend several weeks in Guatemala working with our international partner, Wuqu’ Kawoq, while also learning about the services available locally. 

*Geriatrics 1 month- spend time with some of our nursing home doctors and go on home visits for patients who can't make it into the office. 

Maternity Care 1 month- Our maternity faculty is amazing! We have a family medicine and midwife run service- meaning you have the opportunity to follow a woman through her entire pregnancy and delivery. We offer both traditional office visit and centering pregnancy pre-natal care.

*Emergency Medicine-University Hospital 1 month- Rotate at the always busy University of Cincinnati ED with the oldest EM residency program in the US. You'll get exposure to the acute management of sepsis, stroke, STEMIs and more. In addition you will spend time with double-boarded faculty at the Psychiatric Emergency Room.

Intensive Care Unit 1 month- The ICU at The Christ Hospital is a closed unit run by the IM service. You work directly with the critical care attending to place lines, change ventilator settings and gain experience in caring for critically ill patients.  

*May take vacation (up to one week except elective where can take up to 2 weeks). 


Looking Ahead at the Other Years