Celebrating Geriatrics and Education: Dr. Goroncy wins GACA award to build a better future!

Dr. Anna Goroncy was awarded one of 26 Geriatric Academic Career Awards in the country. The Geriatric Academic Career Award is a 4-year $300,000 grant through HRSA to support the career development of junior faculty in geriatrics as academic geriatric specialists and to provide clinical training in geriatrics, including the training of inter professional teams of health care professionals. This was awarded to multiple disciplines, including nursing, social work, dentistry, pharmacy and physical and occupational therapy, and competition among the physician applicants was particularly fierce this year.

Through grant support, Dr. Goroncy will gain additional training in Home-based primary care, teaching and addressing the social determinants of health, and addressing implicit racial bias in graduate medical education and medical care. Over the course time of the program she will develop new curriculum to augment the existing home visit curriculum around substance use disorder, mental health screening, social determinants of health and racial biases in medical care. The home visit program will also be expanded and gradually incorporate interdisciplinary learners, including medical students and PA students. In addition, the grant will support further development of Walnut Hills Community Health Partners. Dr. Goroncy will mentor geriatric fellows in completing with a community needs assessment focused on needs and strengths of older adults in the neighborhood and continue to support residents in community-partnered projects.

The Research Division of the University of Cincinnati Department of Family and Community Medicine supported Dr. Goroncy in writing the grant application, including Dr. Chris White, Dr. Jeff Schlaudecker, Dr. Soni Regan, research assistant Dan Hargraves and program coordinator Sarah Brubaker.

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