I'm Gonna Let You Finish Mr. Clemens But...

Illustration of Cincinnati is late 1800s

Illustration of Cincinnati is late 1800s

Mark Twain is suppose to have said "When the end of the world comes, I want to be in Cincinnati because it’s always 20 years behind the times*." With all due respect this is no longer true of the Queen City! From the redevelopment of the historic downtown district, Over-the-Rhine (or OTR for short), to the record breaking attendance of the new profession soccer team, FC Cincinnati, this city is undergoing a transformation - and is a great place to complete residency. 

One example of a local favorite spot is Woodburn Ave located in East Walnut Hills. Less than 5 minutes from the hospital many residents and faculty choose to make this community their home. It is an up-and-coming hipster-hood with small restaurants, art studios, bike stores and the always popular O-Pie-O (which only serves pie based foods- think tarts, pot pies, quiches, empanadas, and of course the seasonal pie-a-la-mode). 


You can often find a group of residents celebrating a birthday (as pictured here), playing trivia, supporting local businesses during the Friday night Walking-on-Woodbrun event, or taking their pets to one of the dog-friends eating spots! 

Keep on the lookout for more "Mr. Clemens posts" about residency in Cincinnati

*a note to the history buffs, according to "The Quote Investigator" Mark Twain may not have actually uttered these words... but it is such a common story we will let it slide.