I'm Gonna Let You Finish Mr. Clemens but... Fiona!

This will be an ongoing series... to see the first post click here.

The last 6 months in Cincinnati has been dominated by one woman. Her name is Fiona and she is a baby Nile Hippopotamus born 6 weeks early in Jan 2017 at the Cincinnati Zoo. At first she required around the clock care and even had nurses from CCHMC come to place an IV- but she has come a long way from those early days. She now spends time with her parents, Bibi and Henry, and enjoys having her picture taken by fans. Every step of the way has been chronicled with daily photos from the zoo. 

The local Fiona love has extended far beyond her daily update- and we couldn't be more excited! You can now get Fiona shirts, ice cream (toffee ice cream base, salted roasted peanuts and milk chocolate caramel truffles), and even beer (New England style IPA). 

The baby boom at the zoo only seems to continued. In July 2017 we saw the birth on Kendi- an eastern black rhinoceros. In March 2017 Meg, a baby takin, was born and adorable. We also have the tiger triplets and an armadillo from Feb 2017 and giraffe from late 2016. In our heads they are all friends, but we can't confirm that. We do usually have our second look event at the zoo so we can always find out. 

Photo credits for animals- Cincinnati Zoo website and Instagram. PS. you should follow them for a daily dose of cute!